Heritage Windows

Heritage Windows are replacement windows in Listed Buildings and Fellview Joinery has been known for its fantastic quality and service over the last 30 years plus. We can manufacture quality and affordable Heritage Windows throughout Barrow, Dalton, Ulverston, Askam, Broughton, Foxfield Arnside and Grange-over-sands.

Heritage double glazing windows is specially designed to make period single glazed windows more energy efficient without replacing the original joinery or altering the look of the window. 

They often require some level of care and maintenance and at Fellview Joinery we know it is important to respect and protect our architectural 

A customer may want to upgrade their Heritage Windows on their listed properties because current installations may be rotten, insecure or simply that the customer wishes to have a more comfortable and warmer environment 

In most older properties, they are most likely to be single glazed sash windows made from wood. Whenever possible, it is better to repair rather than replace your windows to preserve the architectural legacy of your home. Complete replacement should be a last resort and is rarely 

A heritage window is a window that is an attempt to replicate the appearance of a historic window. Most original windows don’t always meet modern standards for energy efficiency. The best solution is to replace these windows with new ones that are more energy efficient and still look like their original counterparts. 

Skylight window
Heritage Windows

Are you looking for the perfect way to preserve your listed building’s classic look while still achieving modern day performance? If so, you may want to consider heritage windows. At Fellview Joinery, we specialize in providing heritage windows that can bring together old and new in a way that looks both beautiful and modern. 

 Our range of heritage windows are custom-made to match the style and aesthetic of your listed building, and provide superior thermal insulation as well as superior noise reduction compared to traditional windows. With advanced technologies like argon gas and triple glazing, our heritage windows will also reduce your energy costs without compromising on style. 

At Fellview Joinery, our craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced in installing windows with great care and attention. Our team understand how important it is for listed buildings to remain true to their original look – this is why we take extra steps such as fitting the window frames into period brickwork with ease. All of our installers have a wealth of knowledge about historical properties and what would be suitable for each property, which means you get a truly unique installation tailored just for your home. 

 The perfect solution for restoring a historic property with style is found here at Fellview Joinery