Welcome to the picturesque village of Arnside, located in the northern reaches of Cumbria on the shoreline of the estuary of the River Kent. Boasting breathtaking views over Morecambe Bay and an abundance of nature, Arnside has a wealth of historical significance and natural beauty, which combine to make it one of the top tourist spots in Cumbria.

A popular destination with nature lovers, the local environment is of outstanding natural beauty, filled with the enchanting scents of spring blooms, diverse wildlife and vast grasslands. Arnside’s location on the Morecambe Bay offers easy access to the nearby Lake District, as well as plenty of beaches and marinas in which to relax.

A testament to its long history as a fishing village, Arnside still boasts an impressive pier and port, making it a delight to wander along the promenade with views across the bay and over to the Grange-over-Sands in the distance. For a touch of historical exploration, the village is home to the imposing St James Church, with a collection of impressive stained glass windows. The nearby pele towers at Towers Farm and Hazelslack Tower also serve as a reminder of the village’s fascinating past.

Arnside has great public transport links with nearby towns and villages. With trains stopping at Grange-over-Sands, Ulverston and Barrow-in-Furness, Arnside makes for an ideal base for exploration of the surrounding area. With a plethora of stunning walking trails, nature reserves and historic attractions, a visit to Arnside promises something for everyone


From its picturesque village atmosphere to its impressive Pele towers at Towers farm, this historic little town is an absolute must-visit. Its beautiful coastline also provides an amazing backdrop for visitors, with incredible views over the estuary that are particularly striking during the evening sunset.

Speaking of charming, Arnside is also home to St James’ Church – a 19th-century marvel that features beautiful stained glass windows and incredible stonework. Of course, the town wouldn’t be complete without its classic British offerings of fish and chips on the waterfront!

Arnside has something to offer for everyone, from its diverse history and incredible landscape to its old-fashioned pubs and quality local food. It’s easy to get lost in its traditional atmosphere, making it the perfect escape for anyone wanting a few hours of serenity away from the stresses of modern life. So don’t wait around – take the time to explore Arnside today!