The town of Ulverston is located between Barrow and Kendal in the South Lakeland district of Cumbria It is easy to fall in love with Ulverston, thanks to its quaint, cobbled streets and its abundance of shops, pubs, and cafes which are worth a visit no matter what time of year it occurs. Surrounding the town is the gently rolling farmland of the Furness Peninsula. Along the seashore are some lovely coastal villages; Bardsea, Baycliff, Aldingham, and Newbiggin, these all have stunning views over Morecambe Bay. 

There are a number of specialist events held in Ulverston throughout the year. There is also a variety of lovely pubs, traditional markets, and cultural hotspots that can be enjoyed by tourists visiting the town. There is plenty to keep you occupied for days when you visit Ulverston. 

Ulverston is most noted for being the birthplace of Stan Laurel and one of Ulverstons main attractions is the fantastic Museum, Laurel and Hardy Museum to the greatest comedy duo of all time.  The museum has original items from some of their films as well as collectables, for example, letters that Stan use to send from his fans.. There is also a small cinema that played some of their films where you can sit and enjoy a beer. Their films will live on forever in Ulverston making generations of people laugh their hearts out. The museum displays many features of Stan’s early life. Along with the mini cinema showing all their films, the museum is a must for any visitor that is in the area.  





The Ulverston Canal is a 1.25 miles ship canal that connects the town of Ulverston, Cumbria, England with Morecambe Bay. The waterway, which is entirely straight and on a single level, is isolated from the rest of the UK canal network. It was built so that maritime trading vessels could use the town’s port. Ulverston Canal isn’t just a place to walk your dog but it is also steeped in history. 
It still has the only non-working rolling brigde in the UK you are able to cross, It has a massive array of wildlife from common ducks, herons, storks, birds and many more. You are also allowed to fish if you have a license on the canal which is around one and half mile long and sea fishing has a vantage point at the base end of the canal. It’s such a beautiful peaceful walk with stunning views  

Ulverston is bustling with tourists and locals going about their business. The towns border leads out to a coastal road (Bardsea) And is one of two main routes between Barrow and Ulverston Running the length of this side of Morecambe Bay it is a popular road for motorcyclists as the bends allow for a long sweeping drive.  

On the other side of Ulverston is the Hoad Hill on top of which stands a monument to another of Ulverston’s noted sons. The prominent memorial on Hoad Hill was built in 1850 in honour of Sir John Barrow and this attraction is a stunning place to visit; surrounding views of Morecambe Bay, Ulverston and the distant mountains of The Lake District and farmland at the rear are truly amazing.