Newby Bridge

At Fellview Joinery Ltd, we are proud to provide the beautiful town of Newby Bridge and its neighbouring regions with top-notch joinery services. Our specialised joiners and carpenters specialise in making personalised wooden products using high-grade materials. We have an extensive range of services, including external doors and heritage windows to custom staircases and fitted wardrobes that can suit your individual needs. 

Newby Bridge is an enchanting town in the south of the Lake District National Park, boasting many natural landscapes, historic buildings and one-of-a-kind attractions. We are fortunate to have the privilege of offering services to such a great area, and we prioritise offering superior craftsmanship and customer service. 

External doors are one of our core offerings, and we know that entry to your house is an important feature. This is why we handle this aspect with the utmost care, creating a unique and gorgeous door that satisfies your tastes. We utilise the finest quality materials and wood types, like oak, mahogany and pine to deliver an assortment of finishes that can enhance any home. 

Furthermore, our proficient joiners and carpenters are also highly skilled in designing and installing heritage windows. Many of the dwellings in Newby Bridge and the nearby regions have historical relevance, which is why we provide heritage window designs that are faithful to the property’s original characteristics. Our heritage windows are made with conventional methods and can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Apart from external doors and heritage windows, we are experts in the manufacture of custom staircases. Our tailor-made staircases are designed to blend perfectly with your home, providing an array of styles that will match any dwelling. We can produce the perfect staircase to fulfil your requirements if you want a traditional wooden staircase or something more modern. 

At Fellview Joinery Ltd, we are pleased to offer an assortment of internal joinery services, such as fitted wardrobes and kitchen installations. Our seasoned joiners and carpenters can help you craft a splendid and practical living area to suit your specifications. We will be there with you through the design and installation stages, working closely with our clients to ensure their requirements are met in full. 

We are experienced in loft conversions, too, transforming your unused attic space into a functional and fashionable living area. Our loft conversions can optimise space and bring in natural light and are created with top-quality materials to form a cosy and valuable living room. 

At Fellview Joinery Ltd, we take great pride in being one of the leading joinery companies in Newby Bridge and its surrounding locations. Our proficient artisans are knowledgeable in manufacturing joinery products with the highest quality, and we prioritise delivering premium customer service. 

Every one of our joinery products is made in-house in our Barrow-in-Furness workshop, allowing us to maintain control over the manufacturing process and guarantee the quality of our products. Our production includes a wide range of techniques and materials to build pieces that meet your exact desires. 

Our selection of products also includes porches and conservatories built with premium materials to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Our patios are produced with the utmost attention to detail. At the same time, our conservatories are designed to take in as much natural light as possible and provide a living space that can be enjoyed all year. 

In conclusion, we are passionate about supplying excellent, personalised joinery services to the citizens and businesses of Newby Bridge and the neighbouring regions. Our knowledgeable joiners and carpenters possess considerable experience creating custom-made pieces, from external doors and heritage windows to custom staircases and fitted wardrobes. We are more than happy to assist you with other services, such as window installations, loft conversions, kitchen installations and constructing porches and conservatories. As a local firm, we value keeping the distinctive character and charm of the region intact, which is why we use different wood materials to build items that go hand in hand with the Lake District’s traditional architecture and natural beauty. Get in touch with us today to chat about your next joinery project. 

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