It’s time for the second instalment of our weekly blog, and we’ve been hard at work with many staircases going out to a variety of locations. We have been designing and creating staircases with multiple different materials and styles, be it softer woods like plywood, to more solid kinds of wood like pine, sapele and oak. We can make a variety of shapes, such as curved staircases, corner staircases, folding steps and more. 

Here are some examples of what we have done over the last week: 

Stairs are an important part of your home. A flight of stairs is the first thing someone typically sees when entering the house, and can have extra compartments installed under it if the area below it is exposed, or even install a cupboard for extra storage space. Whether it is purely wooden steps or carpeted ones, a new solid staircase can breathe life into your house and replace damaged steps and supports. If your staircase is damaged or simply old and insufficient, Fellview Joinery Ltd is the place to go. Contact us on 01229 432632 or email us at