This week, Fellview Joinery has been visiting various parts of Furness with various jobs, both interior and exterior. We have been working extra hard for our customers to complete their work before the holidays and keep the wintery weather out. If you need a set of stairs, a porch, shelving, a kitchen upgrade and more in time for the holidays, the best choice is our team of experienced carpenters and joiners. Over the past week, we have created porches, a set of internal doors, backyard doors and gates, even more staircases, kitchens, and shelving.  

For a sneak peek of what we have done, here is a brief list: 

This week, a customer in Rampside wanted a new 3-sided porch made of solid hardwood and built with a set of double-glazed windows. To prevent unnecessary repairs on the roof, the team worked on installing the porch without removing its existing roof. Through this, we were able to ensure the porch is fully sealed against drafts and leaks that would otherwise make both the porch and house much colder than necessary. 

Porches are especially important to the overall feel of your home. The outward appearance of a property can be completely transformed by a porch, and porches of inadequate quality are often the first thing someone might see when passing the house. Having a premium porch done with Fellview Joinery’s expert team will complete the look of your home. If you are interested in installing a new porch, a kitchen, or some new shelves in time for the holidays, we are here to help. Just contact us on 01229 432632 or email us at