Dalton-in-Furness is an undeniably picturesque and historically significant town located in the south of Cumbria, England. Despite its relatively small population of 8,000 inhabitants, this remarkable town has an incredibly vibrant industrial legacy, with several factories and mills remaining as proud remnants of its past. Nestled within this grandeur, Fellview Joinery Ltd is a remarkable company dedicated to serving the people of Dalton-in-Furness and its neighbouring regions. Headquartered in Barrow-in-Furness, this specialist carpentry and joinery company uses wood materials to fabricate bespoke pieces for residential and commercial properties. 

The staff of Fellview Joinery Ltd specialises in external doors and heritage windows. The team is capable of designing, constructing and fitting a plethora of exterior doors, from classic wooden doors to contemporary glass panel designs. Additionally, the team has a specialisation in custom-crafted heritage windows, having the skills to accurately replicate period designs and craft one-of-a-kind creations catered to each client’s specifications. In addition to being a functional addition, these joinery items can greatly add to the overall aesthetic of any given property. 

The skilled craftsmen of Fellview Joinery Ltd also specialise in the fabrication of custom staircases. Whether it’s a classic wooden staircase or a more contemporary glass panel design, the company can construct stairs that are both attractive and efficient. As a further measure of assistance, the team will also help advise customers on which type of staircase is most suitable for their individual property, considering factors such as space, budget and design preference. 

Window installation, internal joinery and fitted wardrobes are some other specialties of Fellview Joinery Ltd. As before, the company has the expertise to custom-design joinery pieces for residential clients, crafting items such as fitted wardrobes which optimise space or interior joinery that compliments the overall style of the home. Furthermore, the craftsmen of Fellview Joinery Ltd guarantee the highest standard of workmanship for each piece, thereby adding a great deal of value to the property. 

Fellview Joinery Ltd is also experienced in offering a variety of services to add additional living space to one’s property. Services such as loft conversions, kitchen installations, porches and conservatories are becoming increasingly popular, and not just for the additional living space they provide, but for the value they add to the property. 

Finally, the company also has extensive knowledge in the areas of joinery contracting and manufacturing joiners, enabling them to work on a wide range of projects for commercial clients, including hotels, restaurants and other commercial properties. Every single piece of workmanship from Fellview Joinery Ltd in the commercial field is made to the same exacting standard as their residential projects, ensuring the highest levels of quality are consistently achieved. 

In conclusion, Dalton-in-Furness’s rich cultural and historical identity is celebrated through its many remarkable buildings and attractions. For those seeking to make additions to their property or increase its living space, Fellview Joinery Ltd is an excellent option. The company is staffed by highly skilled joiners and carpentry specialists devoted to providing the highest standard of work in any area they specialise in – from external doors to custom-made heritage windows and beyond. By prioritising customer satisfaction and offering a broad spectrum of services, Fellview Joinery Ltd can take on projects of all kinds, both residential and commercial. 

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