We are very pleased to report a busy month at Fellview Joinery, with an impressive array of projects on the go! We crafted and fitted some luxurious hardwood doors and traditional sliding sash windows at a beautiful hotel in Windermere. As part of the ongoing work at the Windermere Hotel that has been carried out over several months, we were tasked with upgrading the existing doors and windows and creating custom sash windows and hardwood doors to improve the look and feel of the building. We paid attention to the finest details, handpicking the highest quality hardwood available for the doors. With these windows and doors now in place, they add a luxurious and sophisticated feel to the hotel; beauty is not our only focus – it is also about sustainability. We take great pride in ensuring our creations look good and perform at their best in energy efficiency.   

A property in Dalton has also had top-of-the-line windows and doors designed and crafted with an expert touch. Our team was tasked with preparing and fitting new hardwood windows and doors. We utilised our skills and expertise to deliver high-quality bespoke windows and doors that meet the clients’ needs. To do this, we used only the best materials for the job. Each window and door were measured and crafted to precise specifications to fit perfectly within the property. We also took special care to ensure that each window and door was installed properly to maximise performance and longevity. Once the installation was complete, the results were stunning. The windows and doors gave the property a new look, one that was both beautiful and energy efficient. The client was delighted with the finished product. At Fellview Joinery, we pride ourselves on providing excellent craftsmanship in every project.   

In Barrow, we recently completed a custom kitchen made with the finest materials and a perfect design that looks amazing and is perfect for its intended purpose. The custom cabinets, shelving, countertops, and other features we created will make any cooking and baking projects a pleasure.  

Now, we’re prepping to fit a gorgeous conservatory into the home in Duddon Valley. We have the best-in-class windows and doors prepared to provide natural light and warmth in this delightful outdoor room. With skill and attention to detail, Fellview Joinery will bring a perfect finishing touch to the Duddon Valley property. We can’t wait to complete this project and see the finished results.  

Our primary focus is on perfecting the craftsmanship and ensuring each client is left with a beautiful finished product they will love for years to come. With so many satisfied customers at beautiful properties across Cumbria, we hope this coming month brings us as much success!  

We hope you enjoyed reading about some of our projects this month and all the incredible work we’ve been doing. For any other enquiries, contact us today on 01229 432632, or email us at fellviewjoineryltd@gmail.com