Askam-in-Furness is a picturesque and ancient town in the southwestern corner of Cumbria, England. It stands on the edge of the breathtaking Lake District National Park, surrounded by idyllic countryside, making it the perfect destination for those who enjoy the great outdoors, such as hiking, cycling and fishing. 

The town boasts a vibrant industrial past, with coal mining and iron ore extraction forming the backbone of its industries. Today, Askam-in-Furness is a favourite haunt for travellers and tourists who come to take in its fascinating heritage and its numerous attractions. 

Askam-in-Furness is known for its extraordinary architectural landscape, a brilliant blend of Victorian and Edwardian designs. The town has several remarkable heritage structures, like the striking St Peter’s Church and the historic Askam Ironworks. These iconic landmarks remind us of the town’s history and form an integral part of its culture. 

Fellview Joinery Ltd, a joinery business located in the neighbouring Barrow-in-Furness, specialises in carpentry and joinery using various wood materials. The company provides services to Askam-in-Furness and the nearby regions, offering a comprehensive array of solutions, including external doors, heritage windows, custom staircases, window installations, internal joinery, fitted wardrobes, loft conversions, kitchen installations and much more. 

One of the critical aspects of their service is the production of joiners – expert artisans who design custom wooden products to suit each customer’s needs. The Fellview Joinery Ltd team consists of highly skilled joiners with years of experience in the field who can craft high-quality, efficient and aesthetically pleasing products. 

The company also offers window installation services to improve any property’s energy efficiency and security. The team can help homeowners make the best selection for their needs by considering insulation, sturdiness and style. 

Moreover, custom staircases are a specialised area of service provided by Fellview Joinery Ltd. Their proficient joiners can construct tailor-made staircases to accommodate any style or design – whether a traditional wooden staircase or a contemporary, minimalist model. 

Window installation is another speciality of the company. Fellview Joinery Ltd’s staff can supply various window installation services, from measurements and fitting to finishing and decoration. This allows homeowners to upgrade their windows and optimise their property’s energy efficiency and security. 

Internal joinery is also part of Fellview Joinery Ltd’s portfolio of services. The company’s experts can design customised interior features such as fitted wardrobes, bookcases and shelving. These products help make the most of the available space and offer a unique, personalised living area. 

Loft conversions are another service available from Fellview Joinery Ltd. This involves transforming unused attic space into a functional living space, like an extra bedroom or an office. The team can manage the whole process from the planning and design to the construction and completion stages, providing a comprehensive solution for their clients. 

Kitchen installation is yet another area in which Fellview Joinery Ltd excels. Our team can craft bespoke kitchens to suit any design, featuring various amenities like integrated appliances, custom cabinets and high-grade worktops. 

As skilled joinery contractors, Fellview Joinery Ltd can offer various other services, such as building porches and conservatories. These additions are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, offering extra living space and aesthetic and value benefits. The Fellview Joinery Ltd team can handle the design and construction of porches and conservatories from start to finish, providing top-quality solutions to meet each customer’s requirements. 

Overall, Askam-in-Furness is an attractive, ancient town with character and beauty. Its exquisite blend of Victorian and Edwardian structures and industrial legacy make it a captivating destination to explore and enjoy. For those wishing to enhance their property or increase their living space, Fellview Joinery Ltd is the ideal choice. Thanks to our competent team of joiners and their commitment to customer satisfaction and quality, the company can manage various projects, including external doors, heritage windows, custom staircases and loft conversions.

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