Fellview Joinery is a renowned carpentry and joinery business that specialises in providing exceptional customer service. This month, the company has worked on several projects throughout the Northwest of England; here’s a summary of their accomplishments.

The Bank Head Conservatory.

Fellview Joinery was asked to build and install a conservatory in Bank Head, a small rural town in Cumbria. We collaborated with the customer to construct a bespoke conservatory to seamlessly match the house’s architecture.

The team strived to guarantee that the conservatory was created to the utmost standards and gave attention to detail to ensure our client’s complete satisfaction with the outcome. In the end, the house was furnished with a remarkable new addition, which left the client ecstatic.

Ambleside 9.6 Metre Wooden Windows.

The crew has been hard at work creating 9.6-metre wooden windows for a venture in Ambleside. This required their skill and knowledge to design and make windows that served their purpose and were pleasing to the eye.

Only the most high-grade materials and advanced machinery were used to create these windows to last for many years. This job is still in progress, and the team is dedicated to completing it to the highest quality.

Timber Frame Installations for Dormers.

Fellview Joinery has also fitted timber frames for dormers on various construction sites. This job required them to collaborate with engineers and builders to ensure the structures met all construction codes and standards.

Thanks to their know-how and expertise, the frames were installed securely and durably, offering the client a lasting and dependable structure.

Making Moisture Resistant Wardrobes and Cupboards.

The team has made moisture-resistant wardrobes and cupboards from MDF panels and tulip wood. This required their skill and expertise to design and assemble custom pieces that matched the customer’s specifications.

They put their utmost effort into ensuring the whole process, from the design to the installation, was done to the highest standards. The result was an impressive set of cupboards and wardrobes which were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Barrow-in-Furness Kitchen.

Finally, Fellview Joinery just completed the fitting of a kitchen in Barrow-in-Furness. This involved close cooperation with the customer to design and install a kitchen which precisely satisfied their requirements.

Only the best materials and equipment were used to ensure the kitchen was installed with the best possible precision and attention to detail to guarantee the client’s satisfaction with the final product. The result was a lovely new kitchen, which made the customer ecstatic.


Fellview Joinery has had a bustling and productive month, undertaking numerous projects across Northwest England. From building conservatories to making custom-made cupboards and wardrobes, the team has demonstrated their know-how and commitment to offering top-notch services to its clients. If you’re looking for a dependable carpentry and joinery business, then Fellview Joinery is the one for you. Call us today at 01229 432632 to arrange a consultation.